The operating theatres are highly professional and offer guarantee for sterile procedures in a safe and patient friendly environment.
The overall costs are lower than in the UK due to the high volume of surgery that is performed.

Listed prices are subject to change, contact us for up to date prices or more specifications

PRK 1200£ per eye
LASIK 1200£ per eye
Femto or custom LASIK 1450£ per eye
For corrections below 1.25: 700£ per eye
ICL 1900£ per eye
Toric ICL 2200£ per eye
Blefaroplastie both upper or lower eyelids CO2 laser correction 1100£
Clear lens extraction or cataract extraction with lens implantation from 950£ per eye
Corneal cross linking 1200£ per eye
Yag Irido 400£ both eyes