What is cataract ?
Cataract is the process during which the eye lens becomes
opaque or clouded. The lens matter changes mostly due to age.
Patients suffer from blurred vision as though looking through mat glass.
Cataract can be easily treated using the modern techniques.

What is the function of the eye lens ?
The lens is a clear, transparent structure in the eye behind the
iris (the coloured part of your eye). It’s function is to focus the incoming image on the retina tocreate a clear image of what
you are looking at.

What are the symptoms of cataract ?
• Blurred vision

This is the most frequent symptom. Patients compare it with hazy vision, fog, mat glass, dirty/damp glasses.
• Fotophobia
Patients get blinded by sunlight, headlights of oncoming traffic,…
Otherwise normal light may cause glare faster than it used to before the cataract developed.
• Change in colour vision
Colours have a bleached appearance
In some types of cataract these symptoms are not present in the early stage and the cataract may then even improve your near vision for a short period before the symptoms gradually set in

What causes cataract ?
Cataract can occur at any age, In most cases the patients are 60+. The exact cause of this kind of cataract is undecided at this point. With younger people cataract can be caused by diabetes, medication, eye trauma and other eye diseases.